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FFL Transfers

Need an FFL Transfer? We can get it done for only $15!

Step 1:   Send us an email at and give us the email address of the dealer you want us to send a copy of our FFL to so we can receive your firearm.  Please let us know if we need to reference a name or order number.  We will also need your contact info so we may contact you when your firearm arrives.

Step 2:  Come pick up your firearm and fill out Form 4473.


NFA Transfer - $40

Same process, let us know what dealer you would like us to send our FFL/SOT to.  Your dealer will then send us your NFA item and an approved Form 3 (dealer to dealer transfer).  Then you will be able to fill out your Form 4 to begin the transfer process to you.

NFA Check List (as of 7/13/2016):

x2 BATFE Form 4 (5320.4)

x2 Passport sized photos

x2 FBI Form FD-248 (fingerprint cards)

x1 Photocopy of completed form 4 with passport photo affixed, do NOT staple (this will be mailed to your local CLEO)

x1 $200 check to BATFE